Writing Your CV

Writing a CV can be a daunting task.

It can be tricky getting the right balance between providing an employer with a brief overview of your education and work history whilst also showing you have the specific skills and experience necessary for the role you are applying for.

The recruitment team have put together some tips for you to be able to create the winning CV.

  • Your CV shouldn’t be no longer than two pages long.
  • If something adds no value to your CV then don’t be afraid to take it out.
  • On average an employer takes just 8 seconds to look at a CV so it’s important to make your CV stand out and be a true reflection of your personality, including a personal statement essentially “advertising” your attributes and goals.
  • Never leave any gaps in your CV – If you have had a significant break then you may want to elaborate more about it in your personal statement.
  • For more sensitive issues due to significant time off you may want to touch upon this and draw more attention on as to why you want to return to work.
  • Always ensure that your CV has no spelling or grammatical errors, many employers discard your CV on this basis as this is the most basic check you could carry out and can often create a perception that you don’t pay attention to detail.
  • Stick to the most common used fonts for your CV as the texts make your CV more reader friendly.
  • Finally, be honest and don’t exaggerate your qualifications or experience as your employer checks references, if your employment history does not match the information on your CV then you will get shortlisted for a job. Honesty is the best policy.